We make metal tarot cards, in the style of the Etteilla’s Book of Thoth.  While not strictly ‘cards’, our tarot cards are metal tablets about the size of a large tarot card.  These are inspired by the artwork often referred to as Etteilla III, or the Tarot Egyptien Grand Etteilla III.  Make them part of your curiosity cabinet, or other occult display, or leave them on the coffee table — they’re not delicate, and it’s a satisfying feeling just to handle them.

The cards are sand-cast from reclaimed aluminium (soda cans, mostly), and have a great feel to them. They’re durable and have a substantial mass (about 1 lb/0.4 kg).

Since they’re made from aluminum, they’re silver. We give them a light coat of black paint to bring out the shadows, but you can take off the black and finish them however you like.